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Debunking E-commerce Packaging and Fulfillment Myths

June 12, 2017

E-commerce can be a lucrative and successful business, but that success isn’t automatic. Like any other business venture, it is an evolving industry and there are still a lot of misconceptions out there about how your business should run. You may have a good system in place that has been working for years, but there are other processes out there that can introduce total cost optimization.

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Custom Packaging - Unboxing the Brand Experience

April 27, 2017

Unlike in-person retailers, where merchants have many opportunities to connect and impact customers through displays, music, décor, and interaction, e-commerce retailers can sometimes be at a bit of a disadvantage. Without the physical storefront to impress, their most opportune chance to "wow" the customer is, in fact, when they receive their package.

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Why Packaging for Retail Products is Important to Your Brand

January 13, 2017


Packaging for retail products matters a great deal. Everyone knows that first impressions count, but the impact of well-designed packaging goes beyond how your products look on the shelf. Perhaps that's why it's said to be one of the things Steve Jobs obsessed over at Apple. So why is your packaging so important to your brand? Consider the following.

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