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6 Signs You Are Losing Money from Your Food Packaging System

March 8, 2016


The average consumer is probably unaware of the immense challenges that every company involved in the production, distribution and transportation of fresh produce faces. It doesn’t matter whether a grower is rushing to deliver a new harvest to a distributor, or the distributor is eager to fill 18-wheeler trucks full of produce to take to grocery stores or wholesale warehouses. You need to find solutions to everything from managing your inventory to controlling costs, automating production, and optimizing efficiency and productivity. We will look at six common challenges our customers face and show you how Victory Packaging approaches and resolves each challenge. 

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1. The nature of yearly growing seasons is such that demand for your supply is cyclical or seasonal.

We designed our fresh produce packaging solutions to protect every type of crop while ensuring that your food is as visually appealing as it is fresh. Our inexpensive wax-saturated produce containers come with built-in ventilation to retain freshness, and moisture barrier coatings to repel moisture. With an efficient inventory management system, we can make sure you always have a supply of fresh produce packaging materials to meet your seasonal demands.

2. You are looking for ways to save money on your fresh produce packaging. Is using standard-sized boxes a practical solution? VP_Blog_Image_3.jpg

Maybe. For some seasonal produce, you may be able to use our cost-effective Wax Saturated Produce Containers. Graphic options feature check-off boxes that make it easy to find whatever fruit or vegetable is packed in the box. In other cases, a custom packaging option can offer material savings due to packaging optimization. In other words, your packaging could use less material, ensure damage-free produce, and ultimately cost you less. We use our comprehensive cost management approach to find and implement cost optimization solutions in your fresh produce packaging production line. You accomplish your goal of optimizing your efficiency by using the most appropriate packaging for your specific needs. 

3. Your company is experiencing significant changes: either a merger/acquisition or buyout resulting in a change in ownership.

Now is an ideal time to analyze the efficiency of your current production process. Victory Packaging excels in all aspects of fresh produce packaging, including the design, delivery, automation, storage and management. That is part of the comprehensive approach we take to help our customers save money. Using our innovation and creative talents, we offer every customer customized packaging solutions. We start by analyzing your entire fresh produce packaging protocol. Then our packaging engineers figure out what and where your production and efficiency weaknesses are, and what we can do to overhaul your production protocol to optimize your total fresh produce packaging costs.

4. Your customer base is varied and so is the fresh produce you supply to them. You want to optimize your production efficiency through automation. 

We understand your concern, and you may question our ability to help you save money while improving your packaging and increasing your production efficiency. Our Food Processor Case Study will show you how we helped one company by developing a complete equipment and packaging solution that saved them money and increased their efficiency. 

5. The constant equipment hassles are frustrating and expensive. VP_Blog_Image_4.jpg

Produce needs to be refrigerated. The cold temperature strains your pallet jacks because the wheels weren’t designed for use in a perishable food warehouse. We can help you find pallet jack wheels that will withstand the cold environment. We will also find an improved hydraulic fluid that is designed to work in your warehouse’s conditions. By modifying the wheels and lubricant on your pallet jack, we will help you extend the equipment’s lifespan, and save you money on operating costs.

Your two-wheel dollies aren’t working out because they aren’t versatile or robust enough to do what you need them to do. No wonder you are replacing them so often. Replace your two-wheel dollies with a converted aluminum dolly. The lightweight aluminum one will give you a hand truck and a platform truck in a single piece of equipment.

Let’s face it: How efficient or cost effective can your fresh produce packaging system be if you are buying your packaging supplies from a bunch of different vendors. You have a particular supplier for your equipment and that company may not know anything about your food packaging production line, let alone the conditions under which the equipment they sell you will be used.

6. That little voice inside your head keeps telling you there must be a way to optimize material and equipment costs and increase production efficiency. 

What you need is a company that has a team of professionals whose expertise can help you see the whole picture. You need to develop a partnership with a company that can show you why your production line equipment is just as important as your packaging materials. You need equipment that is sturdy enough to withstand the conditions of a refrigerated warehouse, and versatile enough to go from the warehouse to your refrigerated transport trucks. That company is Victory Packaging. We take the time to learn about your total production system. Our goal is to help you optimize the efficiency of your overall operation in ways that will save you money on production costs while increasing your profit margin. 


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