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Why Victory Packaging is the Full Equipment and Packing Supplies Provider for Moving Companies of Every Size

May 26, 2021


Victory Packing got its start as a moving and storage equipment and packing supplies company in 1976. Over the past 45 years, we have helped moving and storage companies of every size with their needs. Whether it’s a mom-and-pop setting out on their own or an established company looking for seamless integration in new territories, our dedicated sales representatives work directly with our customers for the solution that fits their needs.

We believe that relationships still matter. The best way to create trust in a relationship is to show up when we say we will. Many of our representatives have worked with the same moving companies for years. These long-standing relationships allow our reps to anticipate their customers' needs and deliver the right equipment when they need it. 

With locations throughout the United States, we can make sure you’re fully stocked with boxes, dollies, hand trucks, carts, pads, covers and so much more.  

Below, we’ll look at how we work with moving companies of every size to keep their businesses growing and their customers happy.

Mom-and-Pop Shop Gets Off the Ground

When Main Street Movers started, they began from the ground up. Unlike many moving companies that have been family-owned for generations or are part of a national affiliate, Main Street Movers began as a husband and wife team. Getting off the ground quickly and with momentum was vital for their long-term success. 

Although this company was new to the market, this couple was not. Having worked in the moving industry for four decades, this team had industry knowledge and knew that customer service and market reputation had to be at the forefront of their foundation. They also knew about Victory Packaging and our reputation for delivering on expectations. 

Since we began working with this team in 2010, Main Street Movers has seen 10 to 15% growth every year. What once started as a duo has grown into 40 employees and 18 trucks!

Getting 13 Locations on the Same Page

Case Study: A Moving Company Gets Off The Ground

On the other end of the spectrum, Bekins Moving Solutions is an independent, nationwide moving company with 13 locations and 500 trucks. With that many moving parts (pardon the pun), they realized that their decentralized purchasing process limited their ability to standardize their moving and storage equipment products. They were also spending too much time handling a variety of invoicing systems across multiple vendors. All of this made it harder to recognize trends that would allow them to purchase more efficiently and handle inventory more fluidly.

A Victory Packaging sales rep approached the president of Bekins Moving Solutions about centralizing their purchasing with VP. By consolidating purchasing, billing and reporting across all 13 locations, Victory Packaging provided consistent materials for all locations, a direct line of communication between their president and our rep and optimized their spend through better pattern analysis.

What Victory Packaging Can Do For You

Ready to see how a partnership with Victory Packaging can upgrade your moving and storage equipment and packing supplies? Contact our moving and storage experts today.

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