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The Role that Craft Beer Packaging Plays in Product Quality and Appeal

October 31, 2017


Hard to miss in stores with their brightly colored cans, eccentric labels and thick plastic holders, craft beers are here to stay. Over 20% of beer consumed in 2016 came from the craft brewery market, making it a growing force in the beer aisle taking up more and more shelf space.

But, what makes craft beer so popular? Sure, the unique tastes and interesting ingredients are going to pique the interest of anyone walking down the beer aisle. But, the story breweries tell through the quality they deliver is what really resonates with consumers.

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Beverage Packaging: A Thirst for Something More

June 23, 2017


The various types of beverage packaging span from bottles, cans, pouches, cartons and others. According to Market Research Reports, the demand for traditional beverage packaging, such as plastic closures and metal closures, are still in top demand with a slight advantage to plastic. However, new trends accompanying convenience, sustainability, and innovation are on the rise.

Today’s consumers want products that work for them instead of the other way around. They are thirsty for more progressive packaging, even if it means altering preconceived standards of beverage packages.

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