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What Goes Into a Box? Why Engineering and Design Are in Every Corner of Your Packaging

September 10, 2021

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When it comes to the design of packaging, most tend to think about appearance. After all, the outside of a box is what people see on a shelf at the store, or on their stoop after a delivery driver makes a visit. 

But more time goes into engineering the perfect packaging solution than you may realize. There are other details to consider outside of looks, and getting those right can unlock benefits for your company and save you some serious headaches down the line.

There is the safe transport of your product to keep in mind. Hitting that first mark can help you avoid unexpected costs from damage or delay. And efficiency is important, too. Getting your goods out the door quickly enables you to ship more (and ultimately profit more).

You can accomplish all of this by investing in a thorough design and engineering process.

Product Protection

The whole purpose of packaging is to keep your product safe. If an item isn’t well protected during transport, you risk the delivery of something that is broken and needs to be returned. That’s not going to leave your customers feeling very satisfied.

Nowhere is this more clear than in the work Victory Packaging did for one client — a medical device manufacturer dealing with an unprecedented number of returns. An audit and dimensional (DIM) analysis showed the product was getting damaged during transport, and that it required a stronger board grade in its packaging.

Victory implemented the upgraded material into a new design, and the client’s return rate dropped from a staggering 40 percent of orders to just three percent. Better protected products resulted in happier customers and far fewer returns.

Cost Reduction

When packaging doesn’t do its job, someone has to pay the price. That someone usually ends up being your business, which has to write damaged products off as a loss or devote time and resources to repacking them.

These are similar to problems faced by a baked goods supplier losing time, money and product to transport damage. The previous packaging solution resulted in overcrowded pallets that caved in on the client’s treats and often needed to be repacked.

Victory’s engineering and design team got to work, creating a new container for the baked goods that put less stress on the pallets, preventing the pallets from failing and the products from being crushed. Overall, these changes wound up saving the client $40,000 per year.

Improved Efficiency

The best packaging does more than just keep your products intact. With the right design, it can help your business reach a whole new level of efficiency.

A prominent Fortune 100 technology company wanted more efficient packaging for light bulbs and strip fixtures, and turned to Victory Packaging for the answer. With no prior design to reference, Victory was able to engineer unique packaging for the client that could secure either product in a variety of combinations.

The finished solution ensured items were unharmed during shipping — something that is crucial for light bulbs, which are extremely delicate. And thanks to its versatile design, the packaging could be used for multiple products, making packing and shipping far more efficient.

Expert Engineering and Design

Victory Packaging has helped countless companies protect their products, bring down costs and become more efficient. Our engineering and design team is standing by and ready to build custom solutions that fit your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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