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How To Stand Out With Custom Retail Packaging

July 14, 2022


The packaging you use for your retail products can make a big difference when it comes to attracting customers. In order to boost business, your products need to stand out among the competition and make a strong impression on customers. Whether your products are on store shelves and displays or delivered right to a customer's home, custom retail packaging can provide you with an effective way to help your business thrive. How can you make sure customers head right for your products in stores or online? Consider the following packaging ideas for your retail products.

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Treat Packaging as Works of Art

Designing eye-catching packaging takes a certain amount of creativity, so take a cue from well-known works of art. Putting an artistic spin on your retail packaging is a great way to draw the eye of customers. Think about the kinds of artwork that people flock to museums to view in person. Your products can have a similar effect when you give them some artistic flair. Depending on the kinds of products you sell and your target audience, your packaging design can range from classic art styles to modern art styles.

In the UK, COCO Chocolatier provides a shining example of packaging that’s made to look like works of art. In fact, the company has had local artists design packaging for its gourmet chocolates that looks like modern art with vibrant colors, bold strokes and dramatic designs. Making your retail product packaging resemble artwork is a surefire way to stand out among more traditional packaging.

Less Is More


Standing out among the competition on store shelves and other retail locations or online doesn’t always mean using bold colors and designs. A minimalist approach can be just as eye-catching when it’s done right. Minimalism involves giving packaging a simple and clean design rather than a busier design. This approach can work well for several kinds of products, including luxury products, eco-friendly products and tech products. However, you can create a minimalist design for nearly any type of retail product.

Apple provides an excellent example of minimalist packaging done right. Despite selling high-end technology, Apple doesn’t use ornate or elaborately designed packaging to impress customers. Instead, the company uses boxes and other packaging materials with a plain and simple design. This minimalist design typically includes white packaging with a glossy font that adds a visually striking effect.

Show Off with Unique Shapes

While packaging design elements, such as colors and patterns, can go a long way toward attracting customers, don’t overlook shape. The shape of your retail packaging can instantly set it apart from the competition. The right shape for your packaging depends on the type of product you’re selling. For example, you might design packaging shaped like a flower for rose-scented perfume or give packaging a seasonal-inspired shape for limited edition products. Giving your packaging a memorable shape can make customers curious about your product, prompting them to take a closer look while ignoring the competition.

Coca-Cola has used unconventional packaging shapes to help sell its products over the years. In 2009, the company designed bottles shaped like ornaments for the holiday season. This limited edition design flew off the shelves and provided customers with unusual keepsakes. More recently, Coca-Cola has been selling special orb-shaped bottles to guests at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland and Disney World. As with the 2009 ornament-shaped bottles, these Star Wars-themed bottles offer fun keepsakes for customers to treasure.

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