3 Benefits of Working With a Packaging Engineer

July 3, 2019


When most people think about packaging, the first things that come to mind are the design that compels you to buy or the moment you unbox your product. But in reality, the packaging development process is a lot more complex than that. Behind every memorable packaging experience is a team of engineers who use their expertise to craft customized solutions.

Whether you’re launching a new product or need to enhance the packaging of your current ones, it’s impossible to overestimate the value of working with a packaging engineer. From ensuring packaging achieves all criteria to testing performance and streamlining costs, packaging engineers deliver value every step of the way. 

Customized packaging solutions 

Packaging engineers have the expertise to design packaging solutions that meet your product’s unique needs. They are also equipped to manage specifications, incorporate sustainability metrics and reflect other unique requirements in your packaging design with a material-neutral approach.

An experienced packaging engineer will be skilled in 2D and 3D engineering platforms as well as an array of industry-specific software. By combining technology and expertise, engineers craft predictive designs that anticipate key factors such as product damage, redundant packaging SKUs and shipping optimization. Working with a packaging engineer, you’ll see your packaging take form from the inception of the conceptual structure through graphic design, 3D renderings and prototypes used for testing. 

3pl packaging case study Package testing

Every day, new packaging innovations are arriving on a shelf near you. But before an engineer’s innovative packaging can make it to customers, it must be rigorously tested. Simply put, when the quality of your product and the experience of your customer are at stake, “eyeballing it” won’t get the job done.

When you work with a packaging engineer, your product packaging will be tested in a lab equipped with advanced technology that you otherwise might not have access to. High-quality packaging engineering teams will also have ISTA-trained, certified technicians who validate compliance with industry standards through rigorous packaging testing. The result? The assurance that your packaging will deliver innovation without sacrificing safety, quality or compliance. 

Total packaging cost optimization 

Your total packaging cost is about a lot more than materials alone. As experts at supply chain cost management, packaging engineers understand every stage of the packaging process, using this expertise to help you optimize your costs across the entire supply chain. Because packaging engineers often coordinate with numerous departments and vendors, they are in a unique position to spot inefficiencies, redundancies and other opportunities for cost savings. This total cost optimization has the potential to improve your business’ bottom line beyond what a per-piece cost alone could deliver. 

To take your packaging optimization a step further, look for a packaging partner who provides engineering audits that analyze packaging materials and processes, and make recommendations for reducing costs and improving productivity. 

Are you ready to optimize your product packaging? Contact our Architects of Packaging Solutions to see how a packaging engineer can drive value for your brand across the packaging supply chain.

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