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4 Packaging Tools Everyone in the Food Industry Should Be Using

February 29, 2016


Food packaging requires taking into consideration a number of factors. By utilizing advantageous packaging tools, you can develop a packaging plan that can easily be adapted to meet your specific needs. Whether utilizing fresh produce packaging or flexible packaging, everyone in the food industry should take a hard look at their packaging, and consider packaging design prototyping, a sustainable packaging evaluation, packaging optimization to reduce waste, and self-opening, self-closing, self-sealing or self-locking containers as part of their packaging strategy.

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 1. Packaging Design Prototyping

Choose a packaging source that is material-neutral. A leader in the food packaging industry, Victory Packaging can create a packaging design prototype specifically for you and your business. Together we will identify the most important aspects of your packaging needs, and will develop a design prototype that offers you the lowest cost options for your fresh produce packaging or flexible packaging, using the most appropriate materials.

2. Sustainable Packaging Evaluation

Packaging that is environmentally sustainable is an essential part of responsible fresh produce packaging and of flexible packaging options. With a sustainable packaging evaluation, or a life cycle carbon footprint evaluation, you can find out if your packaging is environmentally sound, or what your carbon footprint is using your current packaging techniques. In today's competitive business world, every edge matters. Consumers are interested in products and services that are environmentally conscious and providing sustainable packaging is one way that your company can reduce your carbon footprint on the earth.

3. Packaging Optimization

Through the use of packaging optimization, waste is reduced. The amount of protection your product needs is evaluated, and only the most necessary packaging should be used. Old packaging techniques that aren't checked periodically for optimization run the risk of producing tons of unnecessary waste, raising the costs associated with product packaging (while driving up freight costs), and increasing the negative effect on the environment.

4. Self-Locking, Self-Sealing Packaging Options

The fourth packaging tool everyone should consider is how the package opens or closes without the use of additional materials or packaging. Packaging that easily opens and closes is convenient for customers. Self-locking features can be an essential part of fresh produce packaging as well. We understand that every detail in your packaging is important, and we will work closely with you to create the perfect packaging for the products you are selling. This ensures that your products arrive safely to consumers, giving them the highest quality products possible.


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