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Areas to Consider for Packaging Automation

April 2, 2018

Case Sealers.jpgThere are few better ways to cut costs and improve efficiency than making use of effective packaging automation, and there are several steps in the packaging process that are well-suited for automation. In this article, we'll take a look at the various areas to consider implementing packaging automation as well as the equipment needed to do so.

Case Forming

Case erectors, carton erectors, and case formers all make the process of unfolding and erecting a corrugated box fully automated. These machines take flat, folded boxes and quickly ready them for use, helping streamline your packaging process.

Case Packing

Once your boxes or cartons have been formed, case packing equipment enables you to automatically fill them with your product(s). Fully automating this process is an optimal way to speed up your packaging process and remove any errors or inconsistencies in product packing.

Case Sealing

Case sealers enable you to automatically close and tape shut your corrugated boxes, taking a normally time-consuming process and turning it into one that is completely automated. These machines are designed to drastically improve efficiency and decrease downtime, all while keeping up with the rigorous demands of modern production lines.

Shrink Wrap and Stretch Wrap Application3pl packaging case study

The process of applying stretch wrap or shrink wrap to a package or bundle of packages is another process well-suited for automation. Stretch wrap machines and shrink wrap equipment both make this process easier than ever before and ensure a thorough application each and every time. If your products require an extra layer of protection via shrink wrap or stretch wrap, making use of these machines is the perfect way to apply it.

Label Application

Perfectly applying labels to a box or a bottle is an incredibly time-consuming process. With a labeling machine, you can completely automate this process and ensure that your labels are perfectly applied each and every time. Not only do these machines improve efficiency, they also provide you with a more professional looking product by guaranteeing that your labels are perfectly applied.

By making use of the right equipment, almost every step of the packaging process can be fully automated, saving you time, money and ensuring a more consistent outcome. If you would like to learn more about how you can implement any of the packaging equipment and packaging solutions outlined above in your own process then we invite you to contact us today.

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