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Automated Packaging Systems That Work for You

September 17, 2021

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It’s not unusual for a business to hit a bottleneck. Sometimes, that bottleneck is demand that outstrips packaging capabilities. Enabling more growth means figuring out how to package and ship products more quickly. You could move people over to take care of this issue, but you’ll just be taking them away from doing other work.

We at Victory have automated packaging systems for every phase of the packaging journey, enabling you to quickly get products out the door while freeing up your most valuable resources -- your employees -- to tackle other tasks. Here’s how our automated machines can help you grow.


When you think of getting your name out there, you might imagine ads on the internet or posts on social media. Those can help with brand awareness, but at the end of the day, many customers will find products in a store by recognizing your label. That means someone -- or something -- has to apply labels to all of your products. Our labeling equipment can do it in the most consistent and efficient way possible.

We have a number of labeling machines, each built to automatically apply labels to certain products in certain ways. One takes care of flat panel, oval or round containers. Another wraps a shrink sleeve around a product, while another still can take on more complicated processes to apply side, top leading edge, adjacent side or corner wrap labels. To nail down which is right for your operation, you’ll want to consult an expert at Victory Packaging.

Shrink Wrapping

How do you ensure your products are protected from the elements as they make their way to their final destination? A plastic covering should do the trick, and there’s no faster, more cost-effective way to achieve that end than with shrink wrap.

Victory Packaging has several types of shrink wrap equipment to meet your needs. There are Dual Roll Shrink Bundlers as well as Horizontal Shrink Bundlers, each with two models depending on your operations. The Dual Roll Shrink Bundlers are more suited for one-off products. The Horizontal Shrink Bundlers, on the other hand, excel when it comes to shrink wrapping tray packs and multipacks.

Creating the Case

If you’re shipping a large quantity of products out to customers, you’ll likely need cases to put them in. Building those cases manually is a tedious job. An automated machine can do it much faster and speed up the entire rest of the process. So why not let it?

Our case erectors are automated box builders that never get bored or tired. They’re capable of erecting and hot sealing about 35 cases per minute, and can keep going on and on thanks to their continuous feeding systems. If enhanced structural integrity is a must, however, you may want to rely on our case formers instead. These trade a bit of speed to ensure your cases are as sturdy as possible.


Once you have a case, it’s time to put things in it. Whether you’re packing one full of automotive parts or cartons of cola, our case packers are ready to move your products into their proper place for safe transport.

Victory Packaging has a number of case packers available to customers. Each does things a bit differently, but they all ultimately reach the same result: casing your products. Some are recommended for items that require a particular packing strategy. Others, meanwhile, wrap casing around products right on the packaging line.

Scale Up With Victory’s Automated Packaging Systems

Victory Packaging understands how packaging inefficiencies hold companies back. With our automated packaging systems, you’ll be able to increase output and meet demand in a scalable way.

If you feel frozen by your current packaging situation, it’s time to make a change. Contact us today to learn more about our automated solutions, and to speak with a specialist about which machines are right for your business.

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