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Automation in Food Packaging: How It Eliminates Waste

July 27, 2022

Automation in Food Packaging_ How It Eliminates Waste-VP-Blog

Food waste is a significant problem. According to the USDA, an estimated 133 billion pounds of food produced worldwide for human consumption is lost or wasted.

It turns out that one of the biggest contributors to food waste is the packaging. In fact, packaging accounts for a significant share of food waste throughout its life cycle — from production to consumption and disposal.

The good news is that food packaging automation can help.

Automation in food packaging processes can eliminate food waste by preserving quality and extending the shelf life of food products.

Plus, with automated equipment, companies can eliminate any unnecessary materials or processes that might contribute to waste during the food lifecycle from farm to fork and beyond.

Let's dig into these benefits.

The Major Benefit: Automation in Food Packaging Reduces Waste

Food packaging often involves manual processes, but automation can help eliminate these steps, reducing time and costs for manufacturers.

Plus, automation in food packaging improves quality control by ensuring that each product meets regulatory standards before leaving the production line.

Here are four ways automation can help eliminate food waste:

1) Reduce spoilage due to temperature fluctuations

2) Ensure products reach customers safely and intact

3) Control moisture content, so products don't get soggy or dry out over time

4) Ensure quality control throughout the production

Improving Quality Control with Automation in food packaging

Quality control is essential in any manufacturing process; without it, manufacturers risk producing defective products that may endanger consumers' health or safety, or be rejected by retailers or distributors due to poor quality. Automation can help ensure that every product meets regulatory standards before leaving the production line.

For example, suppose some products are packaged using manual processes. In that case, they might not go through inspection until after they're packaged — which could lead to contamination of other products on the line if one package happened to contain spoiled food inside.

How Smart Packaging Automation Prevents Food Waste

Food waste occurs at all levels of the supply chain — from farms to grocery stores to restaurants — and smart packaging can play a crucial role in preventing it.

Thankfully, innovators have emerged with smart packaging designed to keep food as fresh as possible while delivering vital information like:

  • Freshness monitor
  • Trackers for quality control and recalls
  • Seal of authentication

There are plenty of other smart packaging benefits, but those alone can reduce help reduce waste by empowering consumers and manufacturers with the right information at the right time.

Automation in food packaging: Solutions for Snacks

Snack food is a booming business. According to a global news wire, the Global Snack Foods Market is to Reach $732.6 Billion by 2026.

Two key trends drive the demand for snack foods:

  • Snacks are convenient and portable. They're easy to eat while watching TV or working from home, making them appealing to young people busy with school and work.
  • Snacks can be healthy — or unhealthy. Manufacturers have responded by offering various nutritious options, such as Greek yogurt, hummus, and trail mix. On the other hand, companies also provide products high in sugar and saturated fat, such as chocolate candies and potato chips.

And with the rise in snack food production, many people will have (if they don't already) pantries full of snacks that they hope last through the work week or, better yet, the soccer season.

Without proper packaging, that food may easily go to waste.

Considering all this, automation in food packaging should be top of mind for snack food manufacturers working to prevent waste — it's almost indisputable.

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