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How to Select the Best Packaging Solutions for Your Granola

August 17, 2020


People love their granola, and it’s no surprise why. Granola serves as both a quick snack and as a staple breakfast food. Hailed for its versatility, granola tastes good alone or in yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies or salads. This popular food is convenient and packs a good crunch. But the main ingredients that make granola taste so great; oats, honey, sugar and dried fruits can quickly lose their freshness and taste if not properly stored and packaged. Moisture can also affect the taste of granola by turning its oats, fruits and sugar soft, causing granola to lose one of its most defining characteristics: its crunch. Therefore it is essential to have the best granola packaging and shipping solutions to keep it crunchy and ready to eat –– from the time it leaves the warehouse –– to the time you take it home.

Flexible Pouches are Easy to Open, Convenient and Keep Products Fresh

In this fast-paced environment, where people are always on the go, it makes sense that consumers want no-fuss, easy to open packaging for their snacks. In fact, according to a study by Freedonia Group, demand for flexible pouches in candy and snack food packaging is estimated to increase by 3.8 percent annually through 2022 to $3.4 billion. These easy to open, resealable, zippered pouches are quickly becoming the primary packaging of granola and other snacks. Stand-up bags with zippers or sliders are resealable and provide air-tight protection: ensuring the granola stays fresh, tasty and crunchy by protecting it from moisture and contamination. Protecting the quality of granola should be the number one priority when it comes to packaging. Stand-up pouches made up of laminated films, reduce and eliminate product damage during shipping. Compared to alternative packaging solutions, flexible pouches are an inexpensive choice.

Secondary Granola Packaging

Granola bars require different packaging. In this case, it is essential to use the best secondary packaging to protect the granola before and after shipment. Secondary packaging, such as folding cartons or point of purchase displays, offer additional protection and containment while providing visuals that help increase sales. Point of purchase displays are also easily reconfigured and are easy to stack and move around retail storefronts.   

Granola PackagingChoosing the Right Tertiary Granola Packaging Provider for Your Brand

It is important to keep granola safe throughout shipment. Tertiary packaging made of corrugated adds an extra layer of protection to the primary and secondary packaging. Materials commonly used in tertiary packaging include corrugated which can be secured with tape, stretch film, shrink wrap and strapping. A total solution provider will offer a cost-effective, custom solution for all of your packaging. A comprehensive custom solution begins with the right packaging that protects the granola during shipping and handling to the retail store with the point of purchase displays. You want a granola packaging provider that will reduce material costs and lessen your carbon footprint while keeping your product fresh and tasty with minimal damage.

Victory Packaging Provides Custom Packaging Solutions

Victory Packaging is a total solutions provider that offers customized packaging services to meet your granola brand’s needs at every level. Victory Packaging offers optimal solutions for granola brands by providing cost-effective, eco-friendly packaging that maximizes your product’s shelf life while lowering your carbon footprint. A total solutions provider like Victory Packaging does not stop at packaging –– they also provide inventory and fulfillment assistance for your company’s needs. Through a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) or Just In Time (JIT) inventory program, Victory Packaging can help you manage your supply chain while maximizing brand quality and optimizing costs. 

Contact us for more information on how Victory Packaging can help your granola brand’s packaging, inventory and fulfillment needs.

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