The Consumer Trends Transforming the Packaging Landscape

July 25, 2019


It’s conventional wisdom that the best products answer a clear customer need. The same can be said for packaging. As consumer preferences continue to shift, packaging strategies must evolve with them to stay relevant and appealing to customers. Given that packaging plays a key role in purchasing decisions, reflecting their desires in your strategy is just plain good business.

From technology-driven experiences to sustainability, today’s consumer preferences are prompting brands to take their packaging strategies to the next level.

ecommerce packaging case study Streamlined consumer experience 

The rise of Amazon and other e-commerce giants has set a new benchmark for the consumer experience. Today’s customers can order products with a single click and have them at their door at speeds once thought logistically impossible. This expectation for streamlined ordering and delivery has also trickled down to the world of B2B, where businesses expect the same ease of ordering and fulfillment.

In a landscape where efficiency, timeliness and smooth logistics are more closely tied to consumer satisfaction than ever before, brands are increasingly replacing multiple packaging and fulfillment vendors with a single partner. By having one partner handle every step of the packaging supply chain, brands not only save money but also enhance efficiency. Expect this trend to continue gaining adoption as consumers demand an easier, faster shopping experience.  

Packaging for e-commerce 

With the rise of e-commerce comes the challenge of ensuring products arrive quickly—and without damage. Damaged products can lead to poor reviews online and, ultimately, a brand’s removal from marketplaces like Amazon. Not surprisingly, brands that sell online are getting serious about using packaging to reduce product damage. (Check out this case study to see how we helped a coconut water company reduce product damage and get back to selling on Amazon.)

What’s the easiest way to ensure your packaging protects your product? Choosing to work with a packaging engineer who can design solutions customized to your product’s unique needs and test your packaging for its ability to keep your product protected en route to your customer. 

Sustainable and reusable 

We’ve talked a lot about the rising popularity of sustainable packaging on the Victory Packaging blog, and for good reason: eco-friendly packaging is becoming a top demand among consumers. But reducing packaging waste is just the beginning. As sustainable packaging continues to gain steam, major brands like Procter and Gamble are betting big on refillable packaging and the new consumer purchasing model that comes with it. 

If your brand wants to stay ahead of the consumer curve, now is the time to explore reusable packaging, which often replaces plastic in favor of aluminum and other durable materials. Because this can be a major shift for brands currently relying on plastic packaging, it’s smart to work with a packaging engineer to iron out any issues with the switch to sustainable packaging

Smart, customized and personalized

In today’s tech-driven world, the consumer preference for content-rich experiences is making its way into physical retail stores. QR codes and RFID chips are putting supplemental product information at consumers’ fingertips directly at the point of purchase. Meanwhile, personalized packaging offers consumers slight variations on your packaging, whether in the design itself or in shipping tape featuring customized messages. To see one example of personalized packaging in action, check out Coca-Cola’s “Share  a Coke” campaign

From “smart” packaging to unique packaging shapes and materials, more brands than ever are using customized packaging to gain the competitive edge. Contact our Architects of Packaging Solutions to elevate your packaging and streamline your supply chain. 

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