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Custom Packaging - Unboxing the Brand Experience

April 27, 2017


Unlike in-person retailers, where merchants have many opportunities to connect and impact customers through displays, music, décor, and interaction, e-commerce retailers can sometimes be at a bit of a disadvantage. Without the physical storefront to impress, their most opportune chance to "wow" the customer is, in fact, when they receive their package.

Seemingly mundane, the box is actually your customers' first connection with your company. This is a prime opportunity to add some custom branding to help communicate brand identity and create a memorable experience that allows you to stand out from the competition. A subtle marketing tool, a good unboxing experience can help increase brand loyalty making for happier clients willing to spread the word about your business.

Start With a Custom Designed Box

efulfillment servicesInstead of choosing a standard box sealed with clear packaging tape, consider custom packaging designs to accentuate your brand. It could be as simple as printing a humorous quote or slogan on the outside of the box to amuse the customer, or as intricate as altering the design of the box.

If changing the design of your box doesn’t seem like the most economic choice for your business, there are other options to add a personal touch. even custom tape can go a long way. Rather than clear packaging tape, custom tape with your printed logo or graphics and slogans stand out with just a slight touch of personalization. Another tactic could be to leave the outside of your box design simple and classic while having a more intricate inside design.

Inside Out Packaging Design

Creating an enticing design and presentation on the inside of the package has the allure of a secret message between you and the consumer. They will be pleasantly surprised when they open an assumingly plain package to find a splash of color or intricate designs on the inside. It helps create a lasting memory and that extra wow factor to enhance their shopping experience.

Also, take the time to thoughtfully lay out your presentation. Anyone can just throw bottles of vitamins or beauty products in a package and ship it out, but when they are organized and held into place by separators or mild adhesives the product looks much more appealing. The consumer can open the package and clearly see the products they purchased on display without having to rummage through it first.

Add a Personal Touch

In the world of online shopping, it is easy for a person to feel tiny and insignificant to your business. Adding personalization to your packaging can help remedy these feelings and give the customer the VIP experience. A colorful piece of tissue paper separating items of clothing can add a slight decorative touch, and can give you an additional opportunity to show off your brand with custom printed paper. This tactic will increase their overall experience and is sure to get them talking to their friends about what they received. Thank you cards and custom notes are another great way to add personalization and encourage customers to promote your product on social media, giving your business additional coverage.

Creating a memorable experience that leaves your customers delighted will increase their impulse to share, in-turn boosting repeat purchases and attracting new customers. Successful unboxing experiences will help build your brand and gives your business that competitive edge you need.

Think your customers deserve a great unboxing experience? Contact Victory Packaging today to learn more about our custom packaging solutions.

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