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Packaging Trend Spotlight: Grab and Go

September 18, 2020

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Grab and Go with Portable Packaging

Life is hectic. People are busy. Whether it’s traffic, work, school, errands, or zoom meetings, individuals are always on the go –– leaving them little time to eat. More and more people find themselves looking for food that comes in portable packaging so they can grab, go and eat. This rising trend has created a demand for compact, on-the-go packaging that offers convenience and ease of use while keeping food fresh. 

On-the-Go Packaging Fit For Consumers’ Lifestyles 

Active lifestyles are not the only reason for on-the-go packaging’s rise in popularity.  The increased use of portable packaging aligns with today’s societal trends and demands that include:

Healthier Food Choices

Consumers today are more health-conscious than ever. What better way to have food portion control than to purchase single-serve packaged food that makes it easy to count calories and not overeat. 

Convenient Packaging and Sustainability

People love to snack. Small, compact, flexible packaging allows adults and children to snack wherever they go without the hassle of carrying around bulky and messy food containers. Resealable pouches offer easy to open, durable, sustainable packaging that keeps food fresh longer. Ease of use combined with the convenience and longer product shelf life makes flexible, portable food packaging a favorite among consumers.  

Stand-up packaging comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it a popular choice among consumers. Stand-up pouches are lightweight, so they are easy to carry and store everywhere and anywhere. Every type of food conceivable comes in a stand-up pouch: from condiments to chocolate to juices to granola. In addition, many of these pouches come in aesthetically pleasing designs and colors –– so not only are they easy to bring along everywhere but trendy as well. 

Spout pouches, a type of stand-up, flexible packaging, are a great choice for kids. Spout pouches are puncture-resistant, and are a fun choice for drinking juice and even for consuming that daily dose of fruits and veggies. 

Paleonola Case Study:  packaging & inventory

According to GlobalData, by the end of 2020, 18% of households, approximately 414 million people, will be single-person. With fewer people under one roof, there is less need for large amounts of food and more demand for single-serve food. Single-served food packaging eliminates the need for excess food, decreasing food waste. More than ever before, today’s consumers are eco-conscious, and purchasing sustainable and flexible portable- packaging allows individuals to do their part in reducing the carbon footprint.

Victory Packaging Knows Portable Packaging 

Victory Packaging understands that today’s busy lifestyles demand the most up-to-date packaging solutions. As a packaging supply chain solutions provider, Victory Packaging offers the latest technology in portable packaging that not only provides ease of use, convenience and longer product shelf life but is also eco-friendly and sustainable. With its wide variety of product packaging options and customized solutions, Victory Packaging has a solution to fit every packaging need.


Contact us to find more information on our packaging supply chain optimization to reduce your total packaging spend. 

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