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How Our Over the Road Driver Pick Up Program Can Help You Grow

August 31, 2021


Simplifying Travel, Billing and Pricing While Staying on the Road More

At Victory Packaging, we go above and beyond to help moving companies of all shapes and sizes. Our Over the Road Driver Pick Up Program is designed to give you the infrastructure to improve efficiency and grow with your customers.

With Over the Road, your team can use any one of our more than 30 hubs in the United States to pick up supplies from a trusted partner, streamlining your moving operation in several different ways. Below, we’ll outline all the advantages that come with membership in this amazing service.

Extended Reach

Expanding a moving business geographically often comes with added challenges. That was the case for DN Van Lines, which worked with Victory Packaging to grow beyond its locations in Massachusetts and Florida and open a third in Virginia.

With a Victory Packaging hub located within range of DN's new office, the expansion was effortless. DN was able to keep all three of its locations tied to a single vendor, simplifying the process of keeping them all stocked up.

More Efficiency

Wouldn’t it be great if your drivers didn't have to travel back to base for moving supplies? With our Over the Road program, you can rest easy knowing your drivers are never far from a Victory Packaging location.

You’ll find us at a convenient distance from most major interstate roads, reducing the need for drivers to backtrack for the items they need. That means less wear and tear on your vehicles, less money spent on fuel, and potentially more jobs for your drivers on the road.

Consistent Pricing

If you’ve ever tried to budget for a long road trip, you know how tricky it can be. Gas prices can differ depending on where you are. The same goes for supply companies and the products they sell.

Victory Packaging makes things as simple as possible by offering the same prices no matter where you are. When a driver makes a supply pick-up using Over the Road, you’ll know exactly how much something is going to cost, enabling you to accurately predict spending and direct more funds toward growth opportunities.

Easy Billing

Dealing with multiple supply vendors can be a real chore. For Bekins Moving Solutions, it found itself juggling invoices across 13 locations. Each location operated independently, creating a logistical nightmare of purchasing, supply chain miscommunication and more.

Victory Packaging worked with Bekins to get all of its locations on the same page. Now, Bekins routes purchasing, invoicing, and payment through a single supplier and can make use of our OTR program to operate more efficiently. With only one invoicing system to contend with, the company was able to get all of its locations on the same page when it came time to pay.

Sign Up Today

Over the Road makes the hard stuff easy. It enables you to serve new areas. It helps you keep drivers well-supplied without requiring them to travel long distances. And it ensures you don’t have to deal with any surprises when it comes to your budget and your billing system.

Enroll today by giving us a call at 888-261-1268, or reach out using our contact form for more information.

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