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How Packaging Automation Can Help Your Company Boost Productivity and Handle Labor Fluctuation

December 1, 2020


Growing your business can look straightforward in a presentation deck or on a spreadsheet, but real-world application includes more variables. Finding new or replacement labor to handle increased productivity – and the supply chain inefficiencies that come with the larger workload – can slow you down. 

But with automated packaging solutions, your company can seamlessly implement increased productivity to help you grow with your customers and clients. 

Automated Packaging Solutions

With so many packaging automation systems, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are a handful of useful equipment and automation systems that handle various responsibilities within the overall packaging ecosystem.

Carton Tray Packaging System

If you need beverage packaging automation, our carton tray packaging systems, including the DuoDozen® 1210 Combo, allow for versatile packaging options. The systems can be configured for a wide variety of bottles, cans, octagonal-shaped aseptic packages and cups and can do everything from straightforward can-line automation to full integration that seals, wraps, groups and tray packs in one machine.

Case Erectors

Our semi- and fully-automatic case erectors are built to optimize your company’s specific needs on its line so that production is increased and downtime is reduced. With the Packomatic® Continuous Running Case Erectors (CRCE), you can automatically erect and hot-seal up to 35 cases per minute and feature a continuous feeding system so you don’t need to manually reload the machine. 

Case Formers

When structural integrity is a must – and it always is, then you need a case former that can automate the process without compromising strength. The Meta® Duo Case Former can quickly transition between 4-sided, 8-sided, HSCs, one and two-piece SRP designs and SIOCs so you can accommodate multiple requirements in one machine.

Case Packers

Automated case packaging is a necessity to gain an advantage over your competitors. Packomatic® Case Packers allow you to create automated packaging faster and cheaper and are designed to work with high recycled content while accommodating a variety of packaging configurations. 

Case Sealers

Optimized case sealers, taping machines and box tapers help ensure that your packaging is quickly and properly sealed for the long journey ahead of them. WestRock’s Packomatic Case Sealers are available in semi- and fully-automatic models and either hot melt adhesive or tape closure systems and can seal close to 50 cases per minute so you can reliably increase production with peace of mind.

Labeling Equipment

It goes without saying that labeling equipment is important for the continued success of automated packaging solutions. It doesn’t matter how efficient your packaging line is if you can’t get your products out to customers accurately. With automated labeling solutions like the Q34 Labeling System, you can implement various modules for air tamp, air blow, tamp blow, wipe on and pneumatic swing arms for side, top leading edge, adjacent side or corner wrap applications.

Shrink Wrapping Equipment

Shrink wrapping is an excellent way to keep your packages safe in shipping. We offer a variety of shrink bundling and multipacking equipment for both polyethylene and polyolefin that are designed to meet your needs. Shrink wrapping will help protect your products from environmental hazards while also improving the marketability of your products. With various systems that can accommodate anywhere from 25 to 75 products per minute, there is a shrink wrapping model ready to grow with your production.

Strapping Systems

With multiple variables in strapping needs including materials like steel, high tensile steel, polypropylene, polyester and cordex, you need systems that can accommodate efficient production and quick turnover. With the right strapping system for your company, you can bundle products together, improve containment strength and secure loads to pallets accurately and easily.3pl solutions

Stretch Wrap Machine

Whether you’re a small company interested in adding a semi- or fully-automatic stretch wrap machine to your production line or a large company needing to bolster your existing system, there are multiple machines, including systems made for windows and doors, available to you.

Tray Formers

Make sure your retail products are ready for display and purchase with a tray former that increases stacking strength with less fiber and provides excellent in-store differentiation. With automated packaging solutions like the TF 4400 and 5500 Series, you can run trays for various industries including food and dairy, protein retail and other applications.


At Victory Packaging, we’re ready to help you find the best automated packaging solutions for your growing company. To learn more about us and how Victory Packaging can be your trusted partner, contact us today

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