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How to Capture the "On the Go" Trend in Your Snack Food Packaging

April 2, 2019


It’s official: we’re a nation of snackers. But although American consumers are spending more than ever on foods that fall into the snack food category, the way we’re snacking has shifted dramatically. It only takes a quick walk down the snack food aisle at your local grocery store to notice the latest trend driving consumer appetites: “on the go” snacks.

New Call-to-actionGiven today’s 24/7 culture, the desire for portable “grab and go” snacks isn’t surprising. What is surprising? Just how quickly this snack food segment has exploded. Between 2012 and 2016, the “on the go” category grew at a compounded rate of 10% year-over-year. It now represents $1.1 billion around the globe. Americans consumed roughly 368 billion “ready to eat” snack foods in 2018.

How does your snack food brand capitalize on the growing consumer hunger for “on the go” snacks? It’s time to take a closer look at your snack food packaging.

Think Small

Bigger isn’t always better, at least where snack food packaging is concerned. To satisfy consumers’ needs for portable snacks, more brands are embracing snack foods that offer a single serving. From granola and protein bars to mini versions of our favorite guilty pleasures (think: pies, brownies and more), single-serving snack foods offer busy consumers a quick, portable treat anytime they need it. And as an added bonus, these smaller serving sizes also satisfy the growing appetite for healthy snacks.

The single-serving “on the go” snack food category is dominated by flexible packaging, which embodies the portability factor consumers crave. Pouches, foil wrappers and foil bags offer the perfect canvas for eye-catching graphics. They’re also convenient to throw in a purse or bag, easy to open for snackers of all ages and can be engineered to keep your single-serving snacks as fresh and tasty as the moment they were made.

Are you creating single servings of applesauce, yogurt or other liquid snacks? Stand-up flexible pouches could be just the packaging you need to satisfy the appetite of today’s consumers.

Embrace Zippers and Seals

Is your snack food delivering more than one serving? Do you want to give consumers the option of snacking at their leisure rather than in one sitting? Then it’s time to embrace zippers and seals.

Flexible packaging is one of the fastest-growing packaging types in the snack food industry. And among the many varieties of pouches, bags and wrappers on shelves, one is dominating the space more than any other: resealable pouches. In a recent study on consumer packaging preferences, 76% said the ability to reseal is important to them. Given that statistic, it’s no surprise that zippered stand-up pouches are expected to continue gaining popularity across snack food categories.

Consider shifting to zippered or resealable packaging to take your snack’s convenience to the next level.

Push the 'Premium' Factor

The demand for premium-quality ingredients and health-conscious snack foods continues to grow. Millennials are willing to spend more for high-quality “on the go” snacks, driving the healthy snacks trend to new heights. Brands that deliver nutrition plus the portability factor are gaining the competitive edge in the snack food aisle.

Once you’ve embraced packaging that delivers more convenience, use your design to highlight your snack’s wholesome attributes. Is your snack gluten-free? Does it contain plenty of fiber or protein? Is it packed with turmeric, sea salt or another premium ingredient? Is it cold-pressed or freshly baked? Don’t be afraid to use your packaging design to tell consumers exactly why they should grab your “on the go” snack food.

With the snack food industry continuing to grow, now is the time to solidify your edge in the market. Contact Victory Packaging today to discover how you can use snack food packaging to attract new customers and reflect consumer preferences.

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