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How to Improve Packaging Design

November 23, 2021

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We’ve written before about what goes into the design of a package. In a well-thought out box or container, every element has a specific purpose. Perhaps you see that in the packaging your company uses now, and if so, that is fantastic. But what if you aren’t so happy with what you have at the moment? How could it improve?

There are a number of ways packaging can fall short. Below, we’ve laid out several areas you can focus on to ensure you have the best packaging possible.

Upgrade the Protection

You’ll likely agree that the primary job of packaging is to keep the product within it safe. Whether an item is going to a supermarket, a big box retailer or right to someone’s doorstep, it needs a bit of protection to ensure it isn’t damaged. Could you imagine if products didn’t have packaging? A nice vase you order from Wayfair would simply crash around in the back of a UPS truck with no hope of survival. You’d be lucky to get it in just a few pieces and not several thousand.

Naturally then, the first way you could improve packaging design is to make it even more protective. Using engineering chops and specialized software, you could design packaging perfectly fit for the product it’ll carry, and investigate ways to improve the structural integrity of both the inner and outer layers. Even if your packaging is pretty good now, it may not be the best it can be. A quick look from an engineer could help you find areas for improvement.

Reduce Material Costs

If you’ve ever gone on a long hike through the mountains, you may have discovered something interesting about life. You don’t really need most things. If you force yourself to bring only the bare essentials, you’ll find you can get by just fine.

Packaging is the same to a degree. Some companies go a bit overboard when it comes to the materials they use, so much so that cleaning up after you open something becomes a time consuming effort. You could improve packaging design by figuring out how a package can still accomplish its must critical task — protecting the product — using only what’s necessary and nothing more. It’ll save you money, as you won’t need to spend as much on materials. And those opening your packaging will surely thank you.

Target Sustainability

Some types of packaging are built using all-new materials, which isn’t that great for the environment. This approach creates brand new waste — meanwhile, landfills are littered with plastic, styrofoam and cardboard materials that either couldn’t be recycled or went straight into the trash bin. You could improve your packaging — and help the environment — by coming up with a more sustainable solution.

With the help of expert packaging designers and engineers, you could utilize packaging made from recycled materials. That would ensure you aren’t introducing more waste into the world, but instead, are repurposing the waste that already exists. There’s really no downside to going this route, as recycled packaging can do the same job just as effectively. But you’ll do good for the environment, and you’ll get to tell your customers that your packaging is sustainable, while the competition’s may not be.

Embrace Optimization

Imagine, if you will, that your favorite cereal came in a box that was twice as large as it needed to be. You’d likely have more trouble finding it, as the company wouldn’t be able to ship as much at once, and the store wouldn’t be able to put as many boxes on the shelf. That seems counterproductive for a company that wants to sell as many products as possible, doesn’t it? Some improved packaging would go a long way in toward helping this particular company right a tremendous wrong.

That leads us to another way you can improve your packaging: through optimization. The size and shape of your packaging directly impacts how much of it can be shipped, stored and stocked. A specialist in the field could help you identify ways to streamline your packaging so it still gets the job done while being more stackable, storable and transportable. The end result? You’ll optimize shipping and storage, reduce costs, and more effectively meet demand.

Victory Packaging Can Do It All

Is your packaging design in need of a refresh? Are you looking for a more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective packaging solution? Victory has an entire team devoted to engineering and design, and they’re ready to help you create the perfect packaging for your product.

Contact Victory Packaging today to speak with an expert about what our designers and engineers can do for you.

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