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How Victory Packaging Can Help You Match Inventory with Customer Demand

March 19, 2021


Delivering moving and storage equipment and packing supplies when and where you need them

Summer months typically feature higher demand for moving and storage services, but if your inventory can keep up, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities. With more than 40 years of experience, we are ready to help you take advantage of the summer moving season so that you can continue to grow your business and provide excellent customer service.

Dedicated Sales Reps

At Victory Packaging, our moving and storage sales representatives are solely focused on helping you find the right equipment and packing supplies for your business. We pride ourselves on establishing long-term relationships with our customers. That means you have a direct point of contact for any inventory issues or requests. 

You contact your sales rep and they make it happen. Forget the red tape, back-and-forth or chasing down reps for multiple locations, you get one point of contact for every need and straight answers to every question.

Nationwide Presence

We began as a moving and storage equipment and packing supplies company in 1976 and we’ve continued to provide the right equipment and supplies as we’ve grown. Today, we have 37 full-service moving & storage supply facilities across the country. That means that we can fulfill your orders quickly and efficiently, getting you your supplies when you need them. The box that you order on the west coast is the same that you can get on the east coast.

Forget waiting weeks for deliveries and missing out on customers. When you’re ready to outfit your fleet or stock up for a busy summer, we’re ready to help.

Eliminating Cash Flow Challenges

Spending money on inventory you might not actually need is a waste of money, time and space. We analyze your purchasing patterns to highlight location-specific needs so you’re not using important space and capital on equipment and supplies. These trends offer insight into when you need to increase orders or hold off to match demand. 

We can also help you centralize your purchasing across all of your locations. With one sales rep and our nationwide presence, we make ordering and payments easier on you!

Over the Road Driver Program

Thanks to our locations across the country, our over the road driver pick-up program allows your drivers to pick up supplies without needing to return to your facilities. We provide peace of mind with consolidated billing through your account, regardless of where your driver stops, and our locations are conveniently located near major interstates so that your drivers can spend more time delivering and less time with empty trucks.

Moving and Storage Products from Victory Packaging

Are you ready to optimize your moving and storage equipment and packing supply needs? To learn more and see our full selection of products, check out our moving and storage page.

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