Out with the Old in with the New: Older Designs Innovated to Grab Attention

March 21, 2018

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Are you getting the feeling that your packaging tactics are becoming outdated? Other than protecting and sustaining your products, creating packaging is ultimately about drawing attention, sending a message, and making consumers buy your product. Innovation is significant to staying in step with competitors, but it is still important make sure your brand is discernible to your current client-base. There are custom packaging options out there to revamp your products and attract new consumers, without making them unrecognizable to your current clientele.

Flip Up Vacuum Packs

When purchasing premium beef, it is important to consumers to see the cut of meat before purchasing. Skin packaging, such as individual trays wrapped in stretch film, only give the consumer a view of half the product. A new innovative type of meat packaging is an easy-open vacuum pack attached to a paperboard backer. This not only gives the consumer a 360-degree view of the product, the backer provides a space for branding and nutritional information. This type of packaging could be used for other types of meats, seasonings and dried snacks.

Simple and Throwback Designs

Modifying modern designs with a classic look can help attract new consumers while still remaining identifiable to your existing customers.

Recently, some cleaning products have been freshening up their packaging graphics to better reflect the brand’s personality and strengths. Keeping some of the previous packaging concepts (like colors and logos) and updating the rest of the container gives your product a face-lift while still remaining recognizable. Something as simple as changing the typeface from a utilitarian font to a more retro style and eliminating realistic photos with more stylized images can have a significant impact on your branding.

Tube Packaging

Utilizing tubes for packaging isn’t necessarily an innovative format, but applying this customized style to products that were not traditionally meant for it or upgrading older, outdated models can easily attract attention. There are endless industries that this style can be applied to including:


Beauty – Eye creams, once seen in a glass or hard plastic container, are now being packaged in tubes. Utilizing striking labels on the container is one way to grab attention, but another innovative technique is customizing the shape of the dispensing applicator. A ball shaped integral applicator design can not only provide a cooling sensation with eye cream application, but it differentiates itself from competition and stands out to consumers. Beauty masks are now also being packaged in plastic tubes with aluminum barrier laminate for a metallic effect, combined with bright colors and logos for an enticing look.

Pharmaceuticals – Companies are utilizing aluminum barrier laminate (ABL) to create an attractive exterior with a thick foil interior layer to provide a barrier for an aggressive formula and collapse during use. These allow the consumer to easily conceal and transport the product during travel, or for everyday use.

Food – Many food provider companies are taking advantage of this form of packaging. For example, organic cilantro seasoning in a tube takes up less space and with a photo quality image and a window on the tube allows the customer to view the product. There are aluminum tubes for chili paste available to prevent product degradation due to oxidation and moisture loss. The aluminum tube is similar to a can, offering a long shelf life and making it the perfect innovative packaging for food. Garlic paste is another popular organic food product that can be packaged in tubes. By using 100% polypropylene, including the cap, companies are able to use up to 35% less energy to produce the product.

Eco low profile caps for tubes are also making a debut. These smaller caps can be up to 50% lighter than traditional closures, potentially reducing plastic use by 10,000 lb per one million tubes. Such reduction translates into reduced energy and raw materials consumption during production as well as reduced logistics costs.

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