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The Benefits of Stand-Up Pouch Packaging from Manufacturer to Consumer

February 9, 2017

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The pouch is one of the newest innovations in flexible packaging design, and it has a lot of advantages. When you think of packaged products, traditionally liquids and gels have gone into containers like bottles, cans and jars while dry goods went mainly into bags. As a container-bag hybrid, the stand-up pouch works for both liquids and solids. It evolved from regular bags or pouches and is made from a roll of material sealed at both ends. Making a pouch entails fitting a gusset into the bottom of the pouch. This gives it a base and opens up the pouch so that, seen from the side, it's somewhat triangular.


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Benefits of Stand-Up Pouch Packaging

Innovative and versatile, stand-up pouches occupy a middle ground between bottles, cans and jars, and regular flat pouches. They're ideal for both liquids and solids and manufacturers, retailers and consumers all stand to gain from their use.


For the manufacturer, stand-up pouch packaging helps save on shipping costs as pouches are far lighter than bottles and jars. This allows for shipping of more product and less packaging, and are also space saving. Bottles, jars and cans take up a lot of room on trucks and in warehouses, but pouch material is supplied in roll form. Cost reduction is another benefit as stand-up pouches are less expensive than bottles, jars and cans.


The stand-up pouch also ends up benefiting the retailer once the product hits the shelf. With a flat front, the stand-up pouch is ideal for large graphics explaining what's inside (and the back provides plenty of room to meet labeling requirements.) It also allows for multiple display options as pouches can stand on flat shelves or can be hung from hooks at aisle-ends or on carousels. High shelf utilization is another benefit as less weight and more rectangular shape mean more product in a given length of shelving.


Consumer benefits of stand-up pouch packaging are also hard to beat, especially in the area of convenience. Pouches are ready for immediate use, lightweight, portable, and unbreakable. Whether holding food and beverage or household products, the stand-up pouch prolongs product life with zip-style closures that allow them to be re-sealed. The ability to stand upright allows for no spills as well as less waste because, unlike a bottle, the pouch can be emptied completely. This type of packaging also allows for good product protection as the exterior plastic films are used to exclude light from the product and help extend shelf life.

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