The Packaging and Fulfillment Trends Defining 2019

May 21, 2019


With the year quickly approaching the halfway point, now is the ideal time to pause and take stock of the packaging trends shaping the landscape. From automation to sustainability, this year’s trends are redefining the role of packaging and fulfillment in a brand’s success story.

Customized packaging designNew Call-to-action

With the rise of e-commerce, brands across industries are under pressure to stand out from the competition. One route to that coveted consumer appeal is customized packaging. Expect to see a growing number of “outside of the box” designs that make packaging feel more personalized, both to the consumer and the brand itself.

The customized packaging boom also ties into another packaging trend taking hold over the last few years: including branding on every element of your packaging. Craft beer packaging, for example, isn’t just about beer labels anymore. Brewers are increasingly customizing folding cartons, carriers, can ends and other once-overlooked areas of their craft beer packaging to make every detail pop. The same trend is visible across food and beverage packaging.

Automation and the digital supply chain

The e-commerce boom continues to put the spotlight on the importance of packaging supply chain management. One concept you’ll hear a lot about this year, if you haven’t already, is the “digital supply chain.” Although it can be defined many different ways, the main idea is to use technology to enhance visibility across every stage of the supply chain.

Along with digitization and visualization of the supply chain comes automation. As packaging operations becomes more complex, and technology becomes more powerful, automation is increasingly being leveraged to streamline packaging and fulfillment. To understand how and where automation can optimize your packaging operations, start with a full on-site evaluation.

Environmentally-friendly packaging

With more consumers viewing sustainability as a key decision-making factor, brands are exploring new ways to deliver environmentally friendly packaging. Paper is becoming popular alternatives to plastic packaging, a trend that McKinsey predicts will shake up the paper industry in the years to come. Beyond materials themselves, packaging engineers are honing in on packaging solutions that eliminate unnecessary waste. The bottom line: if your brand doesn’t yet have a sustainability goal, it’s time to get one.

Flexible packaging

It doesn’t take long in the grocery store to notice that flexible packaging is everywhere. But zipper pouches of granola and single-serving yogurts are just the tip of the iceberg. The flexible packaging industry eclipsed $31 billion in 2017, continued to grow last year and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. The result? Expect to see more brands, especially in the snack food industry, embrace flexible packaging like zippered stand-up pouches to deliver the “on the go” convenience consumers crave.

From flexible packaging to packaging automation, Victory Packaging’s experts are here to help you turn the latest packaging innovations into your competitive edge. Contact us today to explore the right customized packaging solutions for your brand.

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