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Top Bakery Packaging Trends to Watch for in 2016 and Beyond

August 17, 2016


Bakery product companies are continually striving to engage consumers and drive more sales. Irresistible packaging is one of the most effective ways to accomplish this. Bakery packaging supplies come in more sizes, shapes, textures, materials and printing options than ever before. The goal in selecting bakery packaging supplies is to create a tactile, engaging and memorable customer experience.

The most successful packaging draws consumers to try new products and continue to buy more of their favorites. The next generation of bakery packaging will address upcoming brand challenges and meet consumer needs through key innovations. The following are some of the top baked goods packaging trends to watch for in 2016 and beyond.

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Increased Use of Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging in the form of pouches and sleek cartons has always been an economical option. However, surveys have shown that flexible packaging is now viewed by one-third of today’s consumers as modern and appealing, especially when labeled or printed in a clever, innovative manner.

Flexible pouch packaging offers printing, decoration and marketing options that are wide open for bakery product creativity. Just about any functional component from rigid packaging can be incorporated into flexible packaging options. Look for functional, attractive rigid-and-flexible hybrid bakery packaging supplies to start showing up in stores as well.

Next-Level Digital Printing For Bakery Packaging Supplies

Digital package printing that creates a hyper-personal buying experience is another key trend in product packaging. Messaging with customer-centric touches helps create a positive association with a brand and product. Clean-label messaging builds purchasing confidence by enhancing a brand’s transparency.

Consumers are also more concerned about what’s in the products they buy than ever before. The majority of shoppers check the ingredient label before buying due to concerns about preservatives. Because of this, the information printed on packaging should be clear, concise and well-presented. Key elements include easily readable ingredients and functional product attributes. Clean, concise and comprehensive labeling with clear communication is essential on effective bakery packaging supplies.

Personalized Labeling

Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign is a prime example of how personalized printing created a truly personalized brand experience. Coke printed a variety of first names on its 20-ounce bottles, enticing people to find their own names or buy personalized Cokes for family members and friends.

Another example is the Snickers campaign that replaced their brand name with 21 different “hunger symptoms.” Words like “Cranky, Irritable, Grouchy, Snippy, Drama Mama, Princess and Spacey” were printed in the Snickers font and style. The personalized packaging compelled people to buy “personalized” Snickers bars for friends, family members and co-workers.

Personalized printing on bakery packaging could take this idea and call up the emotions associated with beloved baked goods. “Sunday Morning Staple,” “Weekend Bliss,” “Don’t Drink Coffee Without Me,” and “Great With Espresso” are just a few possible directions. Consumers, especially Millennials, are more likely than ever to pay more for personalized packaging that speaks to them. Your printed or labeled bakery packaging supplies can capitalize on this trend and set your products apart.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

All things eco-friendly continue to trend, and eco-responsible packaging empowers customers who are environmentally conscious. Trends in bakery packaging supplies use environmentally responsible options that allow their customers to do right by Mother Earth.

Alternative packaging materials that are reusable or biodegradable continue to strike a chord with consumers. The drive toward eco-friendly purchasing will fuel this continued trend toward “green” options in bakery packaging supplies.

Value Sizes

Companies already know that when it comes to packaging, size matters. The ideal size and shape can make or break a product’s performance in stores. Families and value-conscious shoppers continue to seek ways to save money, and buying in larger quantities is a motivation. 

Another product packaging size trend shows consumers are also looking for smaller, “trial size” packages. A single serving of a bakery item in appealing grab and go packaging can engage shoppers and get them to try something new. One taste, and they could be hooked.

Yes, size matters, especially in the packaging realm. Look for trends toward both larger and smaller pack sizes to meet customer needs for value and variety.

"Mobile-Engaged" Packaging

Not surprisingly, the vast majority of consumers now carry their smartphones when shopping. The QR code is an example of the first wave of packaging trends that capitalized on this.

Going forward, smartphone apps will still be a component of the “mobile-engaged” packaging trend. However, look for more streamlined gaming and “augmented reality” experiences. Bluetooth-driven and NFC (near-field communication) technologies will also help engage consumers.

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