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Top Bottle Packaging Trends to Watch (and Get Inspired By)

August 3, 2016


Standing out in the soda, water, juice, beer, condiments, dressings and other beverage or liquid food categories is more challenging than ever before. The market is extremely saturated, making innovative bottle packaging paramount to success. The following are some of the top bottle packaging ideas and designs that are trending now throughout the industry.

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Offering Customers a Range of Sizes and Quantities

Today’s consumer is more discerning about the amounts and quantities of the foods that they buy. They’re calling for smaller packaging sizes, specialty bottles, and multi-packs to help meet their needs. Mini-bottles support a trend toward eating healthier and shopping more efficiently. Ultimately, it’s about flexibility; consumers want options when it comes to bottle packaging. They also appreciate sampler packs so that they can try out new flavors.

See-Through Packaging

Transparent (or at least translucent) glass and plastic bottles are being used more frequently due to positive consumer response. Clear bottle packaging supports transparency on many levels and enables consumers to have a more connected, engaged shopping experience. They can get acquainted with a product more intimately before deciding if they want to buy it, and this inspires trust. This trend works best with products that are a distinctive color, are visually appealing, and won’t degrade when exposed to light. No-label clear bottles that are instead engraved with the product information are also trending.


Recyclable bottle packaging is more important and in demand than ever. Few consumers today will feel good about not having this option when making a bottled product purchase. From PET bottles and recyclable materials to plant-based and renewable options, eco-friendly bottle packaging continues to be on trend. Zero-waste and premium recycling methods are the goal of many food and beverage companies.

Kid-Oriented Packaging

Bottle packaging and designs are also trending toward appealing to a younger demographic. Smaller bottle sizes, colorful art and attention-grabbing graphics are more prevalent than ever. Cartoon characters and smartphone compatibility are also trending in bottle packaging designs.

Vintage Printing and Labeling

As modern and innovative as packaging has become, some bottle label designs seem to be taking a trip down memory lane. The trend in a number of bottle packaging labels and printing is retro and artfully old-fashioned. Limited color palettes, sepia tones, nostalgic images and a traditional screen-printed feel are just some of the vintage packaging looks that you’ll find on today's glass and plastic bottles.

Food and beverage manufacturers have to be more innovative than ever to stand out among a sea of competitors. Brand identity and artistic flair should be balanced with sustainability, operational efficiency and profitability. As you plan your next line of bottle designs, consider these trending bottle packaging ideas to help you create a look that’s sure to turn heads.

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