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What's Ahead in Food Packaging?

November 17, 2016


Packaging is crucial to the success of products and brands. It can make all the difference between being noticed and purchased by consumers, or being left on the shelf. Innovative food packaging can influence and increase the odds of repeat purchases as well. Changes in demographics, preferences, lifestyles, and eating habits are all fueling change and evolution in food packaging. Here are some of the top trends:

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Packaging that caters to single diners, households with multiple grocery shoppers, and active young adults all fill an increased need for convenience. The data shows that there are fewer married couples today and more singles. However, there are also more multi-generational households and children living at home longer. Smaller portion sizes lend themselves to single servings or meals for two, while multi-packs and resealable packages are ideal for larger households with a range of preferences. The bottom line in these food packaging trends is convenience.

Eco-Friendly Materials

The millennial generation gravitates towards healthier choices, is more eco-minded, and is drawn toward recyclable food packaging options that make them feel better about their purchases. Food packaging made from plant-based materials and renewable materials continue to be on trend. Companies that use premium recycling methods with zero-waste score big points with young adults and those who cares about the future of the planet.

A More Engaging Shopping Experience On Package Labels

Package printing is being planned with an eye toward a more intimate buying experience. Digital printing allows for more realistic images and photos as well as personalization and a range of different package messages even within the same product line. QR codes and compatible smartphone apps, games and “augmented reality” will make packaging more enticing to those who love staying mobile.

Multi-Sensory Appeal

Food packaging is more complex, with consideration not just about how it looks but also its tactile qualities of size, shape and texture. Flexible packaging and pouch-style packaging has been surging in use and popularity recently. Technologies like molded patterns, embossing, etching, and the use of specialty coatings and other materials can create a positive association with a packaged food product that makes it more appealing to buyers.

Kid-Friendly Options and Retro Designs

Packaging that is oriented toward the younger generation is also growing in popularity. The younger demographic is drawn toward bright colors, smaller sizes, kid-friendly shapes, and attention-getting characters and graphics. Vintage styles and designs in packaging are making a comeback as well, from minimal colors to retro shapes and images.

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Food packaging is also available in a range of material types, including cardboard, molded fiber, clear plastic, and more. Custom food package designs can be created to your specifications. Contact Victory Packaging for assistance in finding your ideal food packaging solutions.


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