Why BOPIS is the Hybrid Solution That Makes Your Customers and Bottom Line Equally Happy

February 1, 2021

Utilizing BOPIS or ‘click and collect’ to boost customer purchases and  satisfaction while improving your omnichannel retail

What is BOPIS? 

BOPIS stands for Buy Online, Pick Up in Store. It’s also called ‘click and collect.’ It allows customers to pick out items online through an app or site and then pick up their items at a brick and mortar store near them. The concept is straightforward, but as we’ll explore, there are necessary steps to maximizing BOPIS efficiency to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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How Packaging Automation Can Help Your Company Boost Productivity and Handle Labor Fluctuation

December 1, 2020

Growing your business can look straightforward in a presentation deck or on a spreadsheet, but real-world application includes more variables. Finding new or replacement labor to handle increased productivity – and the supply chain inefficiencies that come with the larger workload – can slow you down. 

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How the Right Small Business Packaging Solutions Can Help You Be the David Who Beats Goliath

November 13, 2020

As a small business poised for growth and with goals of taking down your larger competition, it can sometimes seem daunting to put a plan that sets you up for sustained success in place. The myriad moving parts of your business need to scale with your customer base, but if you don’t know where to start, you can miss out on key opportunities. To handle larger orders and more inventory, you need a trustworthy partner to streamline your purchasing process, improve inventory management, re-engineer product and process design and enhance the accounting process. 

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Your Handy Recycling Cheat Sheet Plus Packaging Sustainability News

November 9, 2020

Keeping up on your recycling in a workplace or busy home can seem needlessly complicated. Not all packaging is created equal, but with our handy recycling cheat sheet, you can ensure that your office or kitchen always has a properly sorted recycling bin.

See below for an easy reminder of what should be included as well as three ways that major beverage companies are updating their packaging sustainability and supply cycles.

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3 Industries That Should Embrace VMI and JIT

September 30, 2020

Why VMI and JIT Programs Are Right for Food Industry, 3PL and Manufacturing Inventory Management Needs

Managing inventory is often a business’s trickiest balancing act. Too little on hand and customers are upset by delayed shipping, resulting in lost sales. If you overcorrect and hold too much inventory, your cash flow can dry up as you hold already-paid-for products at your expense.

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Packaging Trend Spotlight: Grab and Go

September 18, 2020

Grab and Go with Portable Packaging

Life is hectic. People are busy. Whether it’s traffic, work, school, errands, or zoom meetings, individuals are always on the go –– leaving them little time to eat. More and more people find themselves looking for food that comes in portable packaging so they can grab, go and eat. This rising trend has created a demand for compact, on-the-go packaging that offers convenience and ease of use while keeping food fresh. 

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Packaging Best Practices for Minimizing Damage to Windows and Doors

September 3, 2020

Double hung. Bay/bow. Picture. Sliding/gliding. Windows and doors come in a variety of designs and sizes, which can make packaging them tricky. Even the smallest packaging mishap can lead to irreparable damage. This delicate and fragile process requires a team of experts that understand all the complexities involved in panel products. When looking for a packaging solutions company for easily broken and damaged products, it is crucial to partner with a well-rounded packaging solutions company that offers state of the art product engineering and various packaging products that minimize damage

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How to Select the Best Packaging Solutions for Your Granola

August 17, 2020

People love their granola, and it’s no surprise why. Granola serves as both a quick snack and as a staple breakfast food. Hailed for its versatility, granola tastes good alone or in yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies or salads. This popular food is convenient and packs a good crunch. But the main ingredients that make granola taste so great; oats, honey, sugar and dried fruits can quickly lose their freshness and taste if not properly stored and packaged. Moisture can also affect the taste of granola by turning its oats, fruits and sugar soft, causing granola to lose one of its most defining characteristics: its crunch. Therefore it is essential to have the best granola packaging and shipping solutions to keep it crunchy and ready to eat –– from the time it leaves the warehouse –– to the time you take it home.

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COVID-19 Changes E-commerce Supply Chain Logistics

July 14, 2020

The Global E-commerce Supply Chain Has Been Disrupted:

Politicians, scholars, business management consultants and industry experts can all agree that COVID-19 has caused global disruptions in e-commerce supply chain management. Thankfully, they also agree that the lessons learned during this economic upheaval will force companies to become more resilient, adaptive and agile with regards to e-commerce supply chain logistics, technologies, best practices and strategies during AND post COVID-19.

New consumer behavioral changes will likely impact online selling and services for years to come. Simply put, if what worked yesterday isn’t working as well in today’s marketplace, accept that redirection and evolution are necessary. Perhaps you need to reassess your business value chain, partners and processes to prioritize your response plans?

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How Consumer Trends are Transforming Granola Packaging

May 14, 2020

There is no doubt that COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on consumer behaviors and, as a result, the purchasing decisions made at both digital and physical stores. Some trends, like healthy snacks, will continue to dominate shelves. But at the same time, a new premium on safety and sustainability could push packaging strategies in new directions.

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